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Founder of Clothia, a fashion marketplace for emerging contemporary fashion brands from around the world. Clothia fashionistas can buy exclusive fashions that are handpicked for quality and style, as well as keep a virtual closet of items they like and get outfit suggestions from our personal stylists.

CEO of Sputnik Mobile, a full-service mobile development agency. We build awesome apps for iOS, Android, and responsive web. Services include visual branding, design, user experience, analytics, development, quality assurance, and app maintenance.

Guest lecturer at Columbia University, NYU and General Assembly. Contributing writer to Business Insider. Featured by BetaBeat as one of the “25 Women Driving New York’s Tech Scene.” Profiled by The New York Times, Fast Company, AdAge.

MS in Computer Science from University of California, San Diego, Systems and Networking concentration, Network Security focus. Analyzed properties of port scans, intent of attackers and prevalence of background port scanning, and created a network traffic analyzer to assist in network data measurement.

Researcher at CAIDA (Collaborative Association for Internet Data Analysis) at SDSC (San Diego Supercomputer Center) with k claffy researching internet topology utilizing skitter (traceroute measurement tool) data and BGP tables.  Evaluated the value of IXs (Internet eXchange points) for Autonomous Systems (AS), the difference in peering relationships through IX (Internet eXchange Points) vs direct peering and IPv4/IPv6 protocols.

Bessemer Venture Partners – Lead Developer mining web traffic data, analyzing large data sets using machine-learning algorithms to predict Internet trends, and building traffic prediction models using gathered data and additional independent data sources.

Onshore/offshore project management – designed and developed custom financial applications and business solutions.  Raised funds for 200M+ market cap companies, created a back-end platform for 400M+ hedge fund to optimize foreign exchange trading, assisted with development of high-frequency trading algorithms, worked with NASDAQ and NYSE-traded companies to create an unified online business development strategy.

Personal (fun facts):
Born in Kaliningrad, Russia to a family of engineers. Lived in Russia, USA, France.

Piano Laureate, All-Russia Open pianist competition.

Studied ballet for 8 years, both in Russia and in the US.

Interests include snowboarding, fashion, technology, bioengeneering, literature, art, wine, and mixed martial arts.  Fluent Russian, conversational French.

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  2. Anonymous

    Hi Elena,

    Clothia…really cool. I will check it out.

    I think the shopping experience is waiting for enhancement. QR codes should be on all garments. Period. That would give each piece of clothing a permanent existence, making items more usable long term, especially in the second hand market….good or bad i dont know…but garments could have more ratings and better size parameters because of its own permanent dna tag.

    There should be kiosks in every major designer showroom, for more colors and more examples that can be selected right there in the store. Couple that with enhanced supply chain logistics and there can be a better selection of clothing colors that would give a more custom feel to what you pick out.

    Is there a major service that can make a garment I want to my own specifications? and can I have 10 friends also order the same garment so we get a groupon effect?

    Example. I just bought an amazing vintage spring rain jacket trench coat..many people have given gracious compliments….is there a website where I can post this amazing find, then have someone offer to make multiples of it for me, then tag it with my own label and qr code and size, then get my own small brand out there…like a micro-label….then have a social network of designer friends sharing their micro-labels…..it would be really amazing.

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  6. Arreytambe Tabot

    Hi Elena, I am really challenged by the work you have done. Saw you first on the short video to motivate kids to study computer programming done with Bill Gates and others. I decided later to check out your website and it is really amazing. Thumbs up girl!!! Seeing a pretty girl with brains doing the level of work you are doing is really awesome. I am a PhD student Computer Science but I must admit you motivate me to forge on with the innovative ideas I have to change the world. All the best with your endeavours. Cheers.

  7. Andrey

    Пример для подражания современным девушкам. Очень приятно было узнать про такого человека, как Елена.

  8. Jackie Quan

    Kudos with your work for women kind in programming…. let’s hope more women get involved in this field which is predominantly men ( as is with math, and engineering)

  9. Talles

    Hi Elena!

    This is Talles from Brazil.
    I have played with computing since AT286 in 1992 (I was 12) and dreamed to work with it when in my teens. Life took me around the world to many different places since, but deep down it seems like the dream never died. I have messed with coding in this years and recently did half an Industrial Engineering college course.

    But now, you are just so f.ing inspiring! haha

    Loved you girl! You may count yourself a new fan 🙂

    PS: Glad I just picked my Deitel Java book back from my parents place yesterday coincidentally.

  10. Shrikant

    I look in you “Code.com” then i just suddenly searched in this site in Google ..
    After reading your portfolio i have only words — ” Beauty with Talent … U r Amaze !!” 😉

  11. Сергей

    Елена, ты супер!
    Очень приятно, что земляки достигают высот в своем профессиональном развитии!

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